Showcasing local LGBTQ people and their stories.

What is Queer Kids?

Queer Kids

Queer Kids is a series* of collectible LGBTQ+ trading cards featuring your very own local Queer community. Each card showcases someone who is LGBTQ+ along with a fun fact, favorite queer memory, or word of advice directed towards our LGBT youth. Each person featured will be showcased on our website where you can learn even more about the person on your Queer Kids card.

*Each city will have its own series. 

Who are the people on the Queer Kids cards?

Front and Back.jpg

These people are you, your friends, and your community. 

Why am I making Queer Kids?

We are all kids at heart and I wanted a project that was focused on giving to queer youth. But this project isn't just for those young, its for everyone of all ages. I wanted to see better and more representation within the LGBTQ community. Especially focusing on QPOC. These are identities and people that deserve to be represented and celebrated. Through Queer Kids, I am hoping to achieve just that. 

Why trading cards?

Reminiscent of the 90's, these trading cards are ones that I wish I had had when I was a kid. Had I had such representation in the public sphere, I find it might have been easier knowing not only that I wasn’t alone but that there were/are others like me I could look up to. 

While there are many resources online for the youth and our community, I hope to find that by creating a physical object (Queer Kids), where interaction and socialization is encouraged, I can help create conversations outside of the digital space and bring the narrative about gender, sexuality and our community front and center to everyday lives. Not to mention, what a fun way to learn more about those around you! We encourage you to share, trade and connect!

Plus we are giving back!

With each Queer Kids series, a 10% portion of sales will be donated to a local LGBT organization focusing on youth and youth programs for that corresponding city. 

Want to get involved? Want to be featured?